What to Expect?

A two-hour one-to-one discussion with a renowned Biophilic Designer

You set the brief for your two-hour online consultation with Oliver Heath; discuss anything from developing a mood board to home renovations.
Whether you've come to the end of our suite of online courses or simply want to get Oliver's insight on your ongoing project, a consultation is a great way of ensuring you're implementing Biophilic Design principles.
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Become part of a global movement of designing for wellbeing.

“We hope to inspire you to use Biophilic Design to improve health and wellbeing and negate some of the negative impacts felt today as a result of our fast-paced, urbanised lives.” - Oliver Heath

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome from Oliver

    • Welcome from Oliver

  • 2

    Consultation Session

    • What's Next?

    • Consultation Session

To give you an idea - the consultation can cover:

  • The existing location and site; threats and opportunities for integrating Biophilic Design.

  • Interpreting the needs of the clients into nature-based wellbeing concepts.

  • Creating Biophilic strategies to support particular activities within the home.

  • Developing floorplans, sections and elevations.

  • Material selection.

  • Sensory considerations such as acoustic, haptic, olfactory and visual.

  • Creation of a multi-stranded Biophilic proposal that meets projects budgets - realising benefits from low, medium and high-cost approaches.

  • Discussing the need for inspiration and business case if required.

To get the most out of the consultation please do be ready to share photographs of the site and building (if one exists), plus any drawings such as site plans, location, floor plans, elevations and sections.

In addition, if there are any planning consents or restrictions that may influence opportunities to the development of the site please do share this information during the consultation period.

Pricing options

Pay in full or over monthly instalments


  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    You will have 365 days from the point of enrolment to complete your course

  • What happens if I can’t complete the course, or my studies get interrupted?

    You can complete the course at your own pace, pause and revisit. You will have a total of 365 days from the point of enrolment to complete your course

  • Will I get any feedback from Oliver Heath?

    If you would like feedback from Oliver, you can purchase Level 3, which involves a consultation. The 2-hour consultation package gives you the opportunity to have 1:1 time with Oliver via an online platform (such as Teams or Zoom) to discuss the details of a particular project.

  • How long does each course take to complete?

    The beauty of our online courses is their accessibility. You can begin our courses at any time that suits you and your lifestyle. Start when you're ready, then pick up and stop when you need to… what’s more you can go back and repeat sections whenever you need to. Our team estimates that the Level 1: Introduction to Biophilic Design course will take you 1 hour to complete, and the Level 2: Introduction to Biophilic Design & Biophilic Design in the Home course will take you 22-26 hours to complete.

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